Tips on selecting a great Wedding Photographer

You choose a wedding photographer to document your wedding day. The photographer is expected to direct you, your family and friends into a series of pleasing poses. They should also be adept at capturing those brief, fleeting "story telling" candid moments.

Separating 'the good' from 'the great'

Can the photographer you are considering:

  1. Expeditiously organize and direct the entire wedding party and guests into memorable poses that are symmetrical to the eye.

  2. Capture fleeting moments shared between you and your new spouse. Sometimes this will happen during posed shots or candid moments, but there should always be a good selection of images that look natural even when posed.

  3. Coach you and your new spouse into pleasing and natural poses.

  4. Exhibit a gracious demeanor under all circumstances .

  5. Consider the impact of excessive heat/cold temperatures particularly when photographing grandparents and small children.

  6. Manage friends or family members with special needs.

  7. Provide a contractual agreement that protects not only the photographer but you as well.

  8. Assure you that he will have plenty of backup equipment on hand, (not just in the car)

  9. Have a liability insurance policy, which is required by many venues.

In short, look for experience, wisdom, patience and personality in a photographer. A great photographer should be able to make awesome pictures and not just take photos.

Thanks for reading.., Neil Anthony.

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