ITM Photography in 40 seconds In The Moment Wedding & Event Photography
In around 40 seconds or so you will be able to get a tasty bite of what we've been photographing in the last 10 years. I first showed this clip during a meeting to 35-40 business men and women. Later I received what I concluded was the best compliment I have ever had. One of the marketing business people later asked me, "how do we know you didn't just buy a bunch of stock imagery and claimed them to be your own? Well I understood why he would think this as he purchases stock photos as part of his business. After a brief moment of thought, I proceeded to thank him for his question and especially for his unintentional compliment; that my work is right up there with the best stock images on the market.


See in 5 minutes what we've been up to here at Neil Anthony's ITM Photos. 'In The Moment'
If you saw the 40 second clip above and thought it wasn't enough, then here is a longer 5 minute show that will fill in the blanks..


Promo video from Neil Anthony on Vimeo.


Reportage Photography In The Moment Wedding & Event Photography
See how Neil Anthony's commercial photography influences his weddings photography.


Award winning wedding photography We don’t just take pictures, we make them
We don’t just take pictures, we make them. What does that mean? A good photographer is empathetic and can read the personality of the bride and Groom. Much of the photography will faithfully reproduce the underlying personality of the couple. If you are a down-to-earth no frills pair, you may not want the photographer to force you and your wedding party to jump up and down waving bouquets in the air. Perhaps you have designed a very ‘stately affair’ and you want someone who can fit in with the etiquette and decorum to which you are accustomed. Neil Anthony’s English heritage will fit the bill nicely. “You can take the man out of England but you cannot take the English out of the man.”.



Keep it moving. Have Fun!
Is your photographer supposed to have fun at the wedding? You better believe it. The photographer is calling the shots much of the time. Moods are infectious. The mood of the photographer will be picked up by you and your wedding party. If you want happy faces YOU want a happy photographer. Neil Anthony’s natural British humor (and British upbringing) pretty much guaranties a great time for all. He engenders trust; key when you’re trying to solicit the cooperation of timid flower girls and boisterous ring bearers. In short, Neil will be like an old friend by the end of the evening or your money back. (Well not quiet)..



East Meets West. The Winds of Asia
Asian weddings are replete with culture, tradition and great food. The emotions and expressions are deep and are to be properly interpreted by your photographer so as to faithfully capture the story. Neil Anthony knows that Asian Wedding ceremonies and receptions are well attended and provide photographers ample opportunities to capture great moments..



Capture those tender moments. Who's in the mood for love?
You would not have gotten married if you were not in love right? You only marry once. Well some people have a so called ‘practice marriage’ first, but generally you marry the person you are in love with and want to be with for the rest of your lives. This is why you hire a seasoned professional to document those moments that you simply will not be aware of from your perspective. It will all be over in 8-10 hours and then life goes on. That is why you pay for a good photographer; it’s not just about the album..



Dancer. Ready to have a party?
Two things Neil Anthony loves to see at a wedding reception. (1) A great band or DJ. (2) Up-Lighting. Why? Good music means people are dancing. (1) You can’t take pictures of people staring at their iPads and Blackberry’s. (2) Up-lighting is a Neil’s best friend at a wedding reception as it raises the ambient lighting in the room which makes for better exposed images and it neutralizes the ever-present orange tint that radiates from the tungsten lighting that you always find at wedding banquet halls..