A little about Neil Anthony.

Having Neil photograph your wedding adds to the experience and memory of the day. Camera expertise aside for the moment, Neil’s British charm and sense of humor will make you laugh which in turn produces great smiles even if you think you are not photogenic.

Neil’s skills are not limited to camera work; he is adept at engendering trust from children in the wedding party by building a rapport with young Ring Bearers and Flower Girls as soon as he walks in the door. Kids love getting attention from "the photographer" and this impromptu familiarity comes in handy later when photographing those same kids in the all-important group shots. Neil likes to keep the pace moving efficiently while photographing the rest of the family ensuring no one including the bride and groom is unnecessarily fatigued by standing around in uncomfortable weather and missing the cocktail hour.

As a former technologist in the electronics industry, Neil understands the importance of owning plenty of backup photography equipment which he actually carries with him during the event. (A nice expensive spare camera is no use to anyone sitting in the back of a car.)

For over 12 years Neil has developed his 'people photography skills' both here in the U.S. and also abroad. What makes his style special is the way he manages to mix elements of his tech background with fashion, style, artistic flair and personal insight. His images have been described as energetic, bold, truly original, edgy, thought provoking, and of course, beautiful. Other more bold adjectives have been used in a positive and favorable context to describe his work but they cannot be published on a family website :)

Neil's past career as a highly successful electronics engineer and computer technologist does not make him a techno-geek by even the furthest stretch of the imagination, but he has managed to seamlessly integrate his understanding of technology into his photography style by exploiting many of the functions in today's Hi-Tech professional cameras all the while looking for and using great natural light and scenery but most importantly, staying in touch with you. All of this has earned Neil rave reviews and to top it off Neil was recently inducted into the 'Hall of Fame' of a well-established, Nationally recognized Wedding Photography Studio who will remain nameless for now as they are also one of his competitors.

Finally, in an effort to keep up with demand for his talent, Neil works with a number of hand-picked associate photographers, each chosen for their skill, longevity in the industry and most importantly, something unique about each of their styles.

Let's go to work and have fun...

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