The most widely used scipture at weddings, 1 Corinthinas 13 starting in verse 4.

Before you choose this passage of scripture as a special reading at your wedding, take a closer look at what you are being called to do; your perspective of love will be challenged far beyond your imagination especially if you are not familiar with the bible. Enjoy!


The apostle Paul describes and at the same time commends key elements of love, (Charis), which in the original Greek means Charity. If you carefully study the word charity, you will know whether you posses the God given kindness and consideration you will need in  a marriage. Another God given and necessary ingredient for a happy marriage is grace. If you find you are lacking in grace, this scripture will help you obtain it and you should not rest until you have. Love is an excellent grace, possessing a world of good. Are you up for the challenge of your life? Let's take a look at what the Mathew Henry commentaries has to say about this verse.





Love is patient; long suffering, (makrothymei) in the Greek, (patience, and forbearance).  It can endure evil, injury, and provocation, without being filled with resentment, indignation, or revenge. It makes the mind firm, gives it power over the angry passions, and furnishes it with a persevering patience that prefers to wait and wish for the reformation of a person than to harbor resentment of their conduct. It will put up with many snubs, insults or even neglect from the person that is loved, and will wait long to see the effects of benevolence on him.

Love is kind; (chresteuetai). It is benevolent, gentle, compassionate and bountiful. A single all encompassing word for these adjectives of love is, benign. It is also courteous and obliging. Love is alive; ‘the law of kindness is in her lips’; her heart is large, and her hand open. She is ready to show favor and to do good. She seeks to be useful; and not only seizes on opportunities of doing good, but searches for them. This is the general character of love. Love is patient even when injured and is inclined to do only good in all that is required of her.