Choose your partner wisely

The number 1 mistake people make in life is in choosing the wrong kind of person to be their partner.

Men are distracted by good looks and good earning potential and women are distracted by good earning potential and good looks, and both sexes often look past the most important personal qualities: empathy, compassion, kindness, generosity of spirit.

Yes, marry a person you love. But be sure you understand what love is. It isn't just physical attraction and passion. Those things are vital, but they're not enough. When you experience adversity in life, (and you will), will the person by your side make your burden easier to bear? Or harder?

Being alone is not the worst thing in life. I have experienced good times and bad times in life, both alone and with a partner, and there is no question that having the wrong partner is worse than being alone.

Thanks for reading.., Neil Anthony.