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Our first wedding of 2014

ITM's first 2014 couple. I am always encouraged when the first wedding of the year is like this one; a day filled with great stories and tears. I don't have permission to share the story that I found so moving, but it turned out that the outpouring of love for Denise and John wasn't just for them. I was moved by the number of people in the room who were brought to tears and of course it is my job to capture these tender moments all the while trying to remain professional and holding back my own tears.



First off though we begin with the excitement of getting ready for the wedding.


Mom and daughter


Nice little close-up of Denise.


Here are a few of her best friends.


John getting his act together with his buddies.


Waiting in the lobby for time to pass.


OK, so this is when the guys got tired of waiting in the hotel lobby.



Here is where the 'back story' begins; friends and family are crying from the ceremony to the first dances at the reception.



It's great to see a man so in love with his bride and that another person is about to join their life with a promise.


The minister did a great job reminding everyone of the significance of giving and exchanging rings. This part of the ceremony was one of the most anticipated and deserves a poignant mention.



The first kiss is one of the other eagerly anticipated parts of the ceremony that any photographer who is worth his salt cannot afford to miss.




Grandma is clearly very proud of her Granddaughter.


A litlle secret sharing during portraits of the newly married couple alone with each other.


A few more tender moments alone with each other while we photograph them from across the room.



Here is Grandma trying her best to hold back her tears of joy while Denise and John dance together for the first time as husband and wife.




Another highly anticipated part of the day's proceedings.


Later I found out that Dad plays a central role in the emotional 'back story'.




Read the emotions on mom's face and again later on dad and you will be drawn you into the story.




How many guests would imagine all crying at the same time?








Look at the incredible love dad is publicly displaying for his little girl.




Mom proudly and lovingly hugging her husband of many, many years.



John and his mom are being watched by his bride and her parents.




This is only one reason why you should consider hiring a professional photographer for your wedding. A wedding photographer as opposed to a friend, photography student or family member knows what to look for and when it will happen. A professional has to be patient and quick at the same time as these treasured moments are always fleeting and they usually happen simultaneously in different parts of the room. An experienced photographer understands human behavior and can therefore anticipate who might do what and when.


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Hey I just love shooting what you wouldn't expect from your wedding photographer :)


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